Detect Pegasus Spyware on iPhone for Free Using iMazing, a Device Manager App

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pegasus spyware detection

Pegasus spyware can easily be detected on iPhone for free. You do not need coding skills for that. A Switzerland based DigiDNA, Geneva updated its iOS device manager iMazing. iMazing has a spyware detection feature to detect Pegasus. The company designed the app using Amnesty’s Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) as a reference.

You can easily install the app on a Mac or a Windows PC. It will help you know if Pegasus has corrupted your iPhone. Government used the spyware in various parts of the world including India to snoop on activists and journalists.

The spyware detection feature is available as a part of iMazing 2.14. It uses the same list of indicators of compromise (IOCs) that Amnesty International’s Security Lab compiled to help people detect Pegasus on their devices. Some privacy experts praised the app because it is user friendly.

Although chances are quite low that the spyware would affect you if you aren’t famous. Anyone can use iMazing on their to computer to detect if Pegasus has infected their iPhone. You can download the app for free on your Mac or Windows from the iMazing website.

Here are some key points from the whole article-

First of all, detect the Pegasus spyware’s impact on your iPhone using iMazing. Secondly, it has integrated a feature that is based on Amnesty’s MVT. At last, Pegasus spyware detection was earlier possible with some coding skills.

Download the app using the link-

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