Facebook spotted testing Twitter-like thread feature

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The social media giant Facebook is spotted testing Twitter-like thread feature on its platform. This feature gives the public figures on Facebook the ability to create a fresh post connected to a previous post on a related topic. The feature links the posts together aesthetically. This makes it easier for users to follow the updates on a particular post over time. The newsfeed shows the fresh post connected to previous posts in a thread format. You will get to know the earlier happenings when any new post is added easily in this way.

Page category employed for testing

Let me tell you more about the public figure page category as this feature is only being tested on public pages till now. A public figure page is a type of Facebook page category that aims at high profile personalities or the ones who want to establish a wide public presence on the platform. Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra spotted Facebook testing this feature for the first time. He shared the screenshots of how it looks on Twitter. Facebook confirmed that it’s testing the feature on profiles of a small group of public figures only till now.

Facebook profile with "Add to your last post" features
Image credit: Matt Navarra

What about other page categories?

Facebook hasn’t yet confirmed on the feature’s rollout date for use by other public figures. There is also no update about other page categories like business pages or, to Facebook groups.

Facebook explained about the working of the feature. A “View post thread” button will be added on to the post. You will get to know about the background of the update easily. You’ll see all the connected posts in a thread form organized at one place just with a tap of the button.

Facebook profile with tweets like feature
Image credit: Matt Navarra

Twitter threads have always been a really popular and useful feature of the platform. As the character limit for a tweet is 280 characters only, threads make it easier to express your views in a detailed manner. However, a Facebook post has precisely 63,206 characters, which is enough for most users to write their views. 

Thread feature usefulness on Facebook

This feature’s usefulness on Facebook is another interesting thing to watch out for. This feature will empower the news platforms to publish news updates in a streamlined fashion. It can also be helpful for live commentary on sports competitions and award shows.

Facebook has faced a lot of credibility issues in the past couple of years. The platform is repeatedly criticized for being the destination of easily propagating misinformation. That is why, if the platform brings this feature soon and the reputed journalists and government officials start posting updates on their feeds, then it will be a welcome step forward towards curbing the flow of misinformation on the platform. 

The testing feature’s news comes out after Facebook recently announced its Newsletter platform Bulletin earlier this week.

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