Instagram Reportedly Working on Like Button for Stories

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Instagram to feature “like” option in the story.

Instagram is reportedly working on introducing the ability to like Instagram Stories. Up until now, there has been no such feature. Users could only react to Stories, which shows up in their direct messages. The ‘Like’ button may appear on the main Stories page. A user should be able to see the number of likes and the users who post them on a separate interface. One user may be able to post multiple likes on one Instagram Story.

Noted developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted that Instagram is working on the ability to like a Story. This feature is still under development. According to WhatsApp features tracker WABetainfo,it is not available in the latest public beta. There is no clarity on when this feature will be publicly available. The developers have said that they have been working on it.

Screenshot shared by Paluzzi shows a heart icon sitting right next to the text bar at the bottom. Clicking on it triggers an animation, and the developer says that users will be able to like one Story multiple times in a future update. WABetaInfo says that the owner of the Instagram Story won’t privately receive a message of the reaction but there is a likelihood of a list where we can see all likes on a story. The report, however, cautions that since the feature is still under development, everything might change before the release.

Also, if the likes are going to show in a separate list, it remains to be seen if it will be possible to see the likes after the Stories disappear after the 48-hour window.

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