Play Store Is Banning All Sugar Dating Apps

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Google Banning Sugar Dating

From September 1, Google Play Store has decided to ban all the Sugar Dating apps. This is because Google has taken an initiative against promotion of sexual contents and compensated sexual relationships. Google published a set of new changes which included the banning of Sugar Dating apps. Not just this, they are also previewing app sets IDs, insertion of new Family Policy, and modification of Environmental Policy.

Google posted an update on Google Play Console support page about its new policy change on Play Store. Numerous other policy changes were present along with the ban of the apps that promotes compensated sexual relationship. This is a step towards removing sexual contents to have a more decent and safer environment around us, especially when it comes to online social media apps.

What are Sugar Dating Apps?

Sugar Dating app is a dating app similar to any regular dating app, but the difference is that one of the partners gets money or gifts in exchange of dating the other one. It is common that a man who is in 40s, 50s, or more pays the female partner to date her. This kind of dating apps can lead to more and more crimes related to women. As a safety measures apps like Spoil, SDM, and Sugar Daddy should not be in use anymore.

Why Google Play Store Is Banning Sugar Dating Apps?

In the view of Device and Network Policy Google Play Store shared an update. Google mentioned in its new policy that it will be banning the contents or apps that “be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation”. India has the largest number of Sugar Daddies in Asia and this number is getting higher day by day. Google is prohibiting compensated sexual contents where one partner is offering money, gifts, or any other financial exchange in order to date.

Link for the Google Support Page-

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