Twitter Rolling Out Ticketed Spaces for iOS Users Allowing Them to Monetise Spaces They Host

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New feature from Twitter for iOS users.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces have started rolling out for iOS users. This new feature allow the creators to generate revenue from the Spaces — live audio rooms — they host by charging sort of a ticket price. It first announced Ticketed Spaces in June when it opened applications for users who wanted to test the feature. It seems like a broader rollout is taking place. Twitter says it hopes to release it for everyone soon. Creators are given up to 97 percent of the revenue from tickets to their Ticketed Spaces till they reach a certain milestone.

Twitter announced that it is rolling out this new feature to iOS users. This will allow eligible users to monetise the Spaces that they host. Creators can charge anywhere between $1 and $999 for their Space. And up to 97 percent will go to the creator with Twitter keeping three percent. However, after the creator reaches $50,000 in lifetime earnings which combines Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows, they will get to keep up to 80 percent after platform fees on in-app purchases.

This allows creators to invite between five and 100 people. The invitation is for reminders that a new Space is happening with push and in-app notifications.

Twitter said that it is “experimenting” with iOS only for now. It suggests that all iOS users may not get access to Ticketed Spaces. It is unclear for the feature available for Android users.

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