Elon Musk said, “I don’t want to be CEO of anything”.

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Elon Musk on being a CEO of Apple

Elon Musk has an incredible vision and potential that made Tesla come so far. He shared his views about being a CEO. A new book claims that Elon wanted to be the CEO of Apple but Tim Cook responded in a rude way. In response to the claims of the book, Elon totally denied that such kind of conversation ever happened between him and Cook. Elon said, “I don’t want to be CEO of anything” in a tweet on July 31.

What does the new book claims about Elon Musk?

A new book is putting a story on the table about the Tesla CEO- In 2016, when Tesla was going through manufacturing hell, Musk reached out to Apple’s CEO- Tim Cook with a proposal that if he wants to buy the company. Elon Musk insisted that as part of the deal, he would be made CEO of Apple. But Tim Cook refused the offer using a slur.

Elon Musk confirmed that he wanted Apple to buy Tesla when his company was going through a manufacturing hell. Unfortunately, Tim Cook never agreed to the meeting and they never talked. Tesla was around 6% value of what it is today.

Elon Musk responded to tweets about the claims of the new book that has probably be printing rumors about a conversation that never happened between him and Tim Cook. He takes advantage of twitter in a productive way like nobody else. Responding to important tweets to answer prominent question about Tesla and other business.

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