Apple Reportedly Spotted in Internal Memo

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The Beggining

Apple reportedly shared a memo internally acknowledging the “misunderstandings” around the new features aimed at protecting children. It also emphasised that these features are important for keeping children safe. The Cupertino tech giant recently announced it will implement. A system checks photos on iPhone devices in the United States before they are uploading it to its iCloud storage. The company also faced some backlash for this decision and its potential implications in terms of user privacy.

A new range of features dubbing Expanded Protections for Children is under acknowledgement by Apple recently. These include monitoring user images for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) content. It plans to do so by screening photos on iPhone devices in the United States. Before they are uploading it in iCloud storage. This feature raised some concerns about user privacy and received backlash from Edward Snowden on Twitter and other platforms.

The Problem with Its Internal Story – Explained

Today marks the official public unveiling of Expanded Protections for Children. And I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. For all of your hard work over the last few years. We would not have reached this milestone without your tireless dedication and resiliency. It goes on to say, “We’ve seen many positive responses today. We know some people have misunderstandings and more than a few are worring about the implications. But we will continue to explain and detail the features so people understand what we’ve built. – says apple.

The memo also comes with a message from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC). Executive Director of Strategic Advancement and Partnerships, Marita Rodriguez. That lauds Apple’s new features aimed at child safety. I wanted to share a note of encouragement to say that everyone at NCMEC is proud of each of you. And the incredible decisions you have made in the name of prioritizing child protection. The message reportedly reads.

Apple recently stated that it will roll out the system for checking photos for child abuse imagery on a country-by-country basis complying with the local laws.

Problem with Old Mac Book Air and Pros

Apple is confirming in an internal document to repair staff that it’s identified an issue with the main logic board in what it says is a “very small number” of MacBook Air models. Apple Stores and authorizing repair staff have been informing to replace the main logic board in affected machines at no cost to customers, according to the document obtained by 9to5Mac.

Apple’s memo to repair staff notes that it has identified “an issue” with the main logic board specifically in Retina, 13-inch, 2018 MacBook Air models with certain serial numbers. Apple will be emailing customers with machines with the serial numbers they’ve identified as being affected, otherwise, customers can take their machine to Apple Stores or authorized repair staff to have their devices checked out.

Apple’s documents list symptoms as issues with “power,” but do not elaborate on what problems users are experiencing exactly. A quick search online for problems with the 2018 MacBook Air logic board shows reports back to when the device first launched with some users’ machines not able to power on at all.

Exchange and Repair Extension

Apple has not yet publicly announced the program or listed it on its Exchange and Repair Extension Programs webpage where it lists recall and service programs. In some cases, Apple doesn’t list programs that only affect a small number of devices, but it’s not clear what criteria it uses to decide to publicly announce a repair or recall program.

For affected machines, Apple will offer the program for four years from the original purchase date. Users that think they might be experiencing the issue can take their MacBook Air to Apple Stores or an Apple-authorized service provider.

Apple on Tuesday updated its product page for the Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter to officially include iPhone support, extending it beyond the iPad use the accessory was originally designed for. The adapter supports every iPhone from the iPhone 5 through to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. iPad compatibility stretches from the first Retina iPad all the way to the iPad Pro. iPhone support was actually added with the release of iOS 9.2 earlier this month, but until now Apple’s online store didn’t make mention of the change.

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