Future Tech – 9 Concepts That Look Amazing!

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7 Crazy Tech Trends That Will Define the Future | Inc.com

Future Tech- We’re busy people, and even the savviest of us sometimes just don’t have the time to learn about every odd and end in the tech world. Here are some of our favourite tech explainers on things you probably hear a lot about, but never really knew. I love a list, and for this one, I’m counting down our favourite concept future tech devices out there at the moment. They may or may not become a reality but the ideas behind them are so, so cool, they are something I would definitely love to see in my life sometime soon!


Now, this is something I would love to have in my kitchen. It looks sleek and looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. New concepts in toasting aren’t something you come across very often unless it’s a clip in a sci-fi film and while it’s not quite as slimline as a toasting/slicing knife, it doing in the meantime. Now, this is something I would love to have in my kitchen. It looks sleek and looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. New concepts in toasting aren’t something you come across very often unless it’s a clip in a sci-fi film and while it’s not quite as slimline as a toasting/slicing knife, it’ll do in the meantime.

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2. Net Neutrality

Future Tech – It’s a subject that only crops up from time to time—usually when new legislation is being pushed through or a tech company has done something really stupid—but it’s an important thing to know about in today’s age of ubiquitous internet. If you still aren’t sure what net neutrality is—or even if you have a rough idea but aren’t an expert—check out our introduction to net neutrality and what it means for you.


Legal requirements make most buildings and attractions more accessible than ever, which is great! However, it’s still a challenge for a lot of wheelchair users to get around everywhere they want to go easily. There are some really cool concepts and prototypes out there, and this one caught our eye. Currently only available for test drives in Switzerland, and with a hefty price tag, this is hardly going to be something we’ll be seeing on the streets anytime soon but hopefully, this kind of thing will become more popular and mass manufacturing will bring the price down to something more reasonable in the future.

4. The Windows Registry

Many Windows users know of the fabled registry, though fear it because of its cryptic (and powerful) nature. However, for those that understand how it works, it can be an invaluable tool. Check out our explainer and myth-buster on the Windows registry, and then be sure to check out our top 10 favourite registry tweaks to really make it work for you.


Minority Report coming out back in 2002 and there is a lot of very cool future tech in it, including the holographic displays and jet packs (both things that are being in work on as I type by the way). One thing that really stuck though was the facial/retina recognition in public spaces, tailoring advertising to specific people. With facial recognition now standard on most new phones, and working pretty well, China is reportedly experimenting with using it to pay for train fares and some food items from vending machines. Is this something that we’ll be seeing in the near future? We can now make payments using smartphones and watches, this will take us one step further.

6. Android Task Killers

Android task killers were useful tools back in the very early days of Android, but nowadays they actually do more harm than good—yet cellphone manufacturers still recommend them to new users all the time. Read up on what Android task killers actually do, and why you shouldn’t use them on your phone. You might be surprising at what you find. Android isn’t perfect, but traditional Task Killers aren’t the answer (though we list some alternative tools that will help you in that explainer).


At the moment, the closest thing we really have to this in the mass market are contact lenses that make it look like you have bionic implants. But how cool would it really be to have smart vision! Not only could you take amazing images, check messages, etc. The Google glasses were a step closer to this, but they were expensive, clunky and never really caught on. Corrective contact lenses are already so mainstream that they hardly cause comment anymore and as processors become more streamline and cost-effective to produce this could be something we will all be looking through in the near future.

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8. SSL Encryption (Also Known as HTTPS)

You’ve probably noticed that some sites use https:// instead of http:// in their web addresses, but maybe you don’t know what that actually means. Maybe you know that it encrypts your data for better security, but you don’t really know what it’s protecting you from. Either way, read up on what HTTPS is and why you should care about it on sites like Facebook, and once you do, be sure to check out browser extensions like HTTPS everywhere to get it enabled on as many sites as possible.


Ok, with my fear of heights, this one wouldn’t be good for me, but I’m sure there would be a market out there for your own personal helicopter. Small enough to land in a (fairly large-sized) back garden and the design is sleek and neat. Growing up with promises of flying cars and hoverboards that actually hover (and we’re talking about the ones with wheels, they aren’t hoverboards!), something like this feels just a step closer to that future, with personal flying machines ready to take us to wherever we want to go.

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