Why are Circuit Boards Green?

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Why Are Circuit Boards Green ?

If we open any of our electrical appliances we can see that the Circuit Board present inside is Green in colour. So why Green is only the colour for the Circuit Boards? There are many Colours, so why go with green?

Nowadays, Circuit Boards in CPU are available in different colours. But earlier those were available only in Green Colour.

There are some reasons to choose Green as Circuit Board Colour:

Reason 1: Material

The components in the Circuit Boards is made up of copper. Obviously we are going to use our electrical appliances for years. So as time passes the material starts getting oxidized. So to prevent it we use Solder Mask. It prevents board from oxidizing.

Reason 2: Visibility

As we know Copper is Goldish Orange in colour so it is easily visible in green colour board as compared to other colour boards. So we use it for the visibility of components in Board.

Reason 3: Colour Truth

According to human psychology Red colour represents Anger. Black represents darkness. That is the reason we cannot look those colour for longer times.

Now the engineers who works with Circuit Boards have to see those colours every time. But Green Colour is more sensitive to our eyes. Our eyes prefers green colour over other colours.

Reason 4: US Army

In the early days when Computers were new Army use the Computers. As we know the uniform colour of Army is Green because it completely blends with the environment and surroundings.

So any other colour is easily visible to human eyes. So they used Green Colour for their computers. Green colour blends completely with the environment and surroundings and enemy finds it hard to visible.


So these were some of the reasons we use Green as circuit board colour.

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