Why only Intel and AMD?

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You might have thought of buying a new PC or building a one or buying a Laptop. After some research we come to a conclusion of either going with Intel Processor machine or AMD Processor machine. But why are only these two present? Why aren’t there any other processor brand? Why are only these 2 dominating Processor Market?

To get our answers we will need to go through some history.


There was a company named Farchild Semiconductor. There were 2 employee named Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. They 2 left the company and walked their own paths. Later those 2 founded a new Company named Intel. The others left in Farchild Semiconductor founded AMD.

So the first microprocessor was launched by Intel named Intel 4004.

 There are tonnes of computers in the world and majority of the market has x86 based processors. Intel has the license for x86 processor. It is a license through which we can sell x86 compatible processors. Getting this license is a very difficult task.

At that time there were many Processors in the market. AMD was one of them. So Intel gave license to AMD of x86 Processors. With the help of that AMD we performing well in the market. But later there came a time when Intel dominated the market with their new processors and almost destroyed AMD. AMD was near bankruptcy. But there is a rule in US where there must be at least 2 companies in the market which manufacture processors. So AMD was saved at that time.

In 2014 Lisa Su was appointed a CEO of AMD. Lisa Su changed the face of AMD and AMD has grown to that level what we see today.


Currently AMD is back on the map to grow its company and lead the computer hardware industry as the technology of choice to power the world’s needs.

AMD and Intel are like eternal rivals. We cannot say which one’s better. Both are better in their own ways.

There were many processors companies during the journey. But they were no way near the Rivalry of Intel and AMD.

For other devices there are different processors like for Apple there are M1 Chips, for mobile devices there are Qualcomm, MediaTek, etc.


So this is the reason why only Intel and AMD exists in market. No other processor can compete them for the performance they deliver

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