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Apple launch leaks – In an average year, the Apple launch holds three to four events. There’s usually a spring event in March, the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, a September event that’s focused on iPhone and Apple Watch, and sometimes an October event if there are iPads or Macs expected in the fall. In this guide, we’re keeping track of all of the Apple events that are on the horizon and what we’re expecting to see at each one, so make sure to check back in regularly.

Curiously, the current leaks back up one of the more controversial details. The iPhone SE 3 will stick with the same design as the current iPhone SE. That means a phone with significant bezels at the top and bottom of the screen, retaining the integrated Home Button with Touch ID, the diminutive 4.7 inches LED screen (just as the larger phones complete the move to the brighter and more vivid OLED), and sticking with the design language that was introduced eight years previously with the iPhone 6.

And the push forward with the next-generation iPhone SE has another brutal impact. It’s going to kill off the idea of the iPhone Mini.

September Event

i Phone 13

We’re expecting four iPhone 13 models in the same sizes as the iPhone 12 models, and Apple is planning to use the same general design. 120Hz ProMotion displays are expected, as are camera improvements, an A15 chip, and faster 5G. The iPhone 13 models will feature a smaller notch design, which will be one of the biggest design tweaks. Battery life improvements are also expected, as are some camera enhancements.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple introduces new Apple Watch models every year, but we don’t yet know what to expect from the Series 7. We could perhaps get new health sensors, but there are no definitive rumours at this point in the apple launch.


Apple is working on a new version of the AirPods, which will look similar to the AirPods Pro, but without Active Noise Cancellation, allowing Apple to sell them at a lower price point. Multiple rumours were suggesting the AirPods 3 would launch in the first half of 2021, but that information was inaccurate and it now appears AirPods are launching in the third quarter. Mass production is set to begin in August, which means we could see a September launch alongside new iPhones.

Apple launch leaked

Late Fall Event

Apple often holds a second fall event after its September event, sometimes focused on iPods or Macs. These events have taken place in October and November in the past, so we could see a late fall event this year as well for products that don’t come out at the September event. The MacBook Pro is expected this fall, and it’s such a significant update that it’s likely to have its own event separate from the iPhone event at some point between September and October.

  • Macbook Pro – Apple is working on 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that are expected in the third quarter of 2021. The new machines will feature the most significant design overhaul to the MacBook Pro line that we’ve seen since 2016, introducing a flat-edged design. The new MacBook Pros will charge over MagSafe, will have more ports, and will have physical function keys instead of a Touch Bar. It will use upgraded Apple silicon chips with a 10-core CPU that features eight high-performance cores and two energy-efficient cores, along with 16-core or 32-core GPU options and support for up to 64GB RAM.

Products With Unknown Release Dates

There are several other products rumoured to be in the works for 2021. But we don’t know exactly when these updates are coming in as apple launch products.

Ipad mini

  • There’s a new version of the iPad mini coming in 2021. And there have been rumors that it could feature an 8.5 to 9-inch display. But recently leaked dummy models have not featured design changes. The refreshed iPad mini will continue to feature a Lightning port, and if there’s a larger display. It will be implemented through a reduction in bezel size. It may also use a Touch ID power button, allowing for a full-screen design.


  • Apple is developing a ninth-generation version of the low-cost iPad with a 10.2-inch display and a thinner build (6.3mm). That’s similar to the now-discontinued third-generation iPad Air.


  • Apple is working on a new version of the AirPods Pro with a more compact design and a new wireless chip. The design is said to eliminate the short stem that sticks out from the bottom. Resulting in a more rounded shape closer in design to competing wire-free earbuds from Google and Samsung.

Macbook Air 

  • Apple is developing a thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air. That will have thinner bezels than the current model. The machine will feature MagSafe charging technology and a pair of USB 4 ports for connecting external devices.

AR Smart Glasses 

  • Apple is working on augmented reality smart glasses. This could come at some point in the next few years. The glasses are said to feature a dedicated display, built-in processor, and an “rOS” or reality operating system.

Mac Mini 

  • Apple is developing a high-end version of the Mac mini. Which will feature additional ports and a more powerful Apple silicon chip.

Mac Pro 

  • Apple is designing two versions of the Mac Pro. Both of which feature a redesigned chassis that’s smaller in size. The new Mac Pro models will feature high-end Apple silicon chip options with 20 or 40 computing cores. Made up of 6 high-performance or 32 high-performance cores and four or eight high-efficiency cores.

I-Mac Large 

  • Apple is still developing a larger version of the iMac with more powerful Apple silicon chips, but paused work on the larger version to launch the 24-inch iMac model.


Answering the calls of many for a small smartphone with specifications that matched the larger and more unwieldy handsets. Last year saw the iPhone 12 Mini arrive alongside three larger and more expensive iPhone handsets. And it’s not been plain sailing.

Arguably one of Apple launches recent misfires in being able to read the room; the iPhone 12 Mini has suffered from poor sales and the production lines have reportedly come to a close. For many, the Mini was launched into an environment that had already seen demand for a small iPhone sated by the iPhone SE.

An iPhone 13 Mini is expected to be revealed in September 2021 this year. And it at least doesn’t have a new iPhone SE launched just before it. But it does have an iPhone SE being launched early in 2022. If you’re wondering which horse Apple is backing. Then consider the iPhone 13 Mini is expected to be the last Mini handset. While the SE 3 will – given historical precedent – be on frontline service till the summer of 2024.

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