Oppo Introduces Under Screen Camera Technology Next Generation

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Oppo under screen camera

Finally, Oppo came up with its Next generation Under Screen Camera (USC) after two years when the company first introduced the idea of it. The company struggled with maintaining the image and the screen quality. But now, it offers perfect balance between camera image quality and consistent screen quality.

It is a win for the company to provide their users with such innovative technology. The aim for creating an Under Screen Camera is to provide the users an actual full screen experience.

How Oppo managed to create an Under Screen Camera?

They did it by using some extra ordinary technology, style and tactics, Oppo confirmed-

  1. Shrinking the size of each pixel
  2. Using a transparent wiring material and not a regular traditional screen
  3. One to one pixel circuit driving

After years of hard work, Oppo will finally serve us with an amazing experience of full screen experience.

This is not the first time a Full screen phone has been introduced. Some companies came up with a pop-up camera, and some with under screen camera. But all of them have drawbacks like the pop-up camera does not seem to work pretty well. It is because of dust particles enters the area of the pop-up camera which technically jams the movement of the pop-up camera. On the other hand, under screen cameras provided poor image quality.

In 2019, Oppo prototyped a device in which it introduced the under screen camera by covering it with a glass like screen. But the phone did not come into the market commercially for some reason. Now Oppo has finally come with the brand new strategy to serve us. The screen will work perfect regardless of the use of camera, which means that while using the camera, the screen will not malfunction at all and while not using the camera, the screen will work perfect.

To learn more, go to the official website- https://www.oppo.com/en/newsroom/press/oppo-next-gen-under-screen-camera/

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