JioFiber Extends Video Call via associated TV and Smartphones

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JioFiber Extends Video Call: Reliance Jio has rolled out a new feature for its Jio Fiber users that will enable them to make video calls from their TVs without needing to connect them to a separate camera or a webcam. Reliance Jio’s new feature is called ‘Camera on Mobile’ and it uses Android smartphones and even iOS devices like Apple iPhones to enable users to make video calls using their TVs. The trick that the company is using to facilitate this service is really simple.

Reliance Jio is using its JioJoin app, which was previously called the JioCall app because, its Camera on Mobile feature provides it. This app is available for download on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store enabling the camera on Android smartphones, iPhones, Android tablets and even iPads to be used for providing video and audio input for facilitating this feature. Firstly, It provides this feature via the Jio Fiber Voice service and therefore, is a bundled with Jio Fiber service to offer calling support to broadband users. Secondly, Jio customers can also use the JioJoin app on their smartphones to make voice calls using their landline numbers.

What Jio says about this Feature Enhancement?

Experience India’s own TV Calling and Conferencing solution. Make FREE video and conference calls to anyone, anywhere in the world! That’s not all. With its high-definition voice and video quality, it’s almost like meeting people in person.

  • Free international video calls on TV
  • Video & Conference calls from Home TV
  • High quality video calls on TV
  • Lag- free video conference calls

What are the features of JioFiberVoice?

  • One number, Multiple devices: You can now configure the same 10-digit JioFiberVoice number in a maximum of 6 smart devices including smartphones, Jio Set Top Boxes and one landline phone.
  • In-house mobility for voice: Use your smartphone to make/receive landline calls at your convenience
  • Outside home mobility: Set up parallel ringing on a Jio mobile number to never miss a landline call
  • Conferencing:Audio and Video conferencing services
  • Supplementary services: Supplementary Services such as Call forwarding, Call hold/resume and Audio to video upgrade/downgrade since they would be available for JioFiberVoice users.

Reliance Jio has announced a new feature for JioFiber users which will let them use their smart TVs for video calling. The telecom giant has announced a new feature called “camera on cable”. ‘JioFiber Extends Video Call’ would let users make video calls from their TVs using their Android smartphones, iPhones. To use the feature, users are requiring to download the JioJoin app. Jio off late had announced many offers for its prepaid users, JioPhone users. The telecom giant is currently offering buy one, get one free offer on most iPhone plans.

JioFiber User

If you are a JioFiber user, you will have to download the JioJoin app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Post downloading the app, users are requiring to download a 10-digit JioFiber number. This would allow your phone to become a companion device for your Jio Fiber connection virtually. Using this feature, users can turn their mobile phone into a webcam and place it alongside the TV to make video calls. The video calling is through JioFiber Voice which comes bundled with JioFiber.

JioFiber Extends Video Call to say that JioFiberVoice is different as compared to the traditional landline experience. Once you have entered all the details, you can enable the ‘Camera on Mobile’ feature on the JioJoin app. This would help you turn your mobile phone into a web camera. For battery clarity and connectivity, Jio had recommended users switch to 5GHz Wi-Fi band on their modems. The Jio Join app can be on Android phones running 6.0 and newer and iOS 10.0. This feature would be beneficial for Smart TVs that do not come with in-bulit web cameras, but brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi have come up with smart TVs that have in-built web cameras. However, if your TV does not have a web camera, you will not be required to buy a new one as you can turn your phone into a webcam using the Jio Join app.

JioFiber Extends Video Call: Reliance Jio has rolled out a new feature for its Jio Fiber users that will enable them to make video calls from their TVs

Jio Tv Camera

Fullscreen video calls on TV through the JioCall app on Jio Set Top Box. Connect the camera, reboot the Jio Set Top Box and set up your landline number on the JioCall app through a simple OTP process.

For JioFiber customers with Jio Set Top Box

  • Full-screen TV to TV Calls
  • Video Calls to Jio Numbers & Audio Calls to all mobile and landline numbers

Simple Plug and Play Device – No separate installation required; Simply plug in the USB end of the camera to the USB port of the Set Top Box.

Wide Angle of View – 120 degree Field of View so that extended family can fit in one frame. Enjoy Full-Screen TV to TV video calls.

JioFiber Extends Video Call: Reliance Jio has rolled out a new feature for its Jio Fiber users that will enable them to make video calls from their TVs


What is JioFiberVoice?

JioFiberVoice is an integrated voice & video calling service, delivered over JioFiber HomeGateway through a 10-digit JioFiberVoice number. It can be used through landline phone, smartphones and Jio Set-Top-Boxes.

What are the advantages of JioFiberVoice connection over any other landline connection?

JioFiberVoice offers a HD voice and video calling over upto 6 smartphones and Set Top Boxes and 1 landline device. It offers flexibility of making calls at the place of your choice within your home.

How can i check if my JioFiberVoice service is active?

Login to with Fiber account to see the landline number associated.You can go to JioCall app->Settings and see if the number is online and available to make calls. Alternatively, plug in your landline device and try to make a call.

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